Mission Statement

We would prefer the vehicle to be standing in the garage rather than be used by the wrong driver or the wrong passengers. Therefore ….

We don’t want drivers who do not reach our personal standards – no scruffy individuals who don’t care about their appearance, the passengers, or the vehicle. We want drivers who are careful but progressive; who are smart; who can read a map or use a satellite navigation system effectively; who can keep smiling when things go wrong; who can keep the vehicle in spotless condition; and who can persuade the passengers to use us again and recommend us to others.

We don’t want passengers who consume too much alcohol, who do not keep to the boarding and return times they promise, who damage the interior, or who leave the driver with an enormous cleaning task at the end of a long shift. This is why we’re not too happy about doing late-night parties unless we know you or you are personally recommended by someone we know.